Due to COVID-19, our staff will be working remotely to ensure the health and safety of our team, as well as our communities.

Due to COVID-19, our staff will be working remotely to ensure the health and safety of our team, as well as our communities.

Transportation Challenges During Breast Cancer Treatment

October 2019

A Survey by The Pink Fund – Transportation Challenges During Breast Cancer Treatment

Financial Impact of Cancer Treatment

New Survey Shows the increased transportation challenges during breast cancer treatment.

The Pink Fund’s past surveys have reflected both the crushing long term financial impact of breast cancer treatment as well as the health care compromises patients are willing to make in an attempt to manage costs.

With The Pink Fund mission to address the financial barriers for breast cancer patients and ensure the best health outcomes, we needed to take a deeper dive into transportation costs and their impact on healthcare access for breast cancer patients.

Transportation is the second largest spending category for the typical U.S. family, mirroring The Pink Fund expense payments made on behalf of our recipients (car payments, car insurance). Our goal is to gain a better understanding of transportation issues facing breast cancer patients so we are in the best possible position to affect change.

Key Findings of The Pink Fund Survey 2019*

  • Nearly eight hundred breast cancer patients completed the survey – 93% are in active treatment for breast cancer.

Distance and time spent traveling to receive treatment

  • 70% of those polled travel between 10 and 50 miles to treatment facility.
  • Close to 20% travel even further – up to 100 miles to receive treatment.
  • 60% of those traveling to treatment, spend up to 30 minutes in the car.
  • 40% spend up to an hour.

Access and cost of transportation to treatment

  • Nearly half (48%) of the patients surveyed say the cost of transportation is a barrier to receiving treatment.
  • Close to 60% missed an appointment or have been late to an appointment because of transportation issues.
  • A quarter of respondents in treatment use some type of transportation service to get to treatment, and 32% of this group say cost is a big issue.
  • Close to 50% drive themselves in their own vehicle.
  • 41% rely on a friend or family member’s vehicle.
  • 67% of respondents say they are in need of transportation assistance to/from treatment.
  • 80% would need a ride service to treatment 3 times or more each month.

*results as of 10.16.19


The Financial Side Effects of Cancer

Financial Toxicity

130% increase in financial difficulties for patients in active treatment

Job Loss

Between 20-30% of women diagnosed with breast cancer will lose their jobs


10M will be unable to pay for rent, food & utilities because of medical bills

Impact on Savings

76% of full time workers nationwide live paycheck to paycheck

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