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The Pink Fund Staff

Molly MacDonald

Molly MacDonald

Founder, Executive Director & Breast Cancer SurThrivor®

“Never did I imagine a breast cancer diagnosis would lead me to see and try to help fill a niche in services for breast cancer patients and their families. What we do is truly an act of love. It is a privilege to be able to serve so many and act on behalf of our generous donors, without whom, our mission would not be possible.”

TraceyC The Pink Fund

Tracey C

Major and Planned Giving Officer

For questions regarding Planned Giving, please email tracey@thepinkfund.org

Jennifer Yin, Development Manager at The Pink Fund

Jennifer Y

Development Manager

For questions regarding donations, please email jennifer@thepinkfund.org.

Carolyn Pindzia, Patient Navigator at The Pink Fund

Carolyn P

Program Manager & Patient Navigator

For questions regarding financial aid, please email grants@thepinkfund.org.

Deborah Braciszewski, Patient Navigator at The Pink Fund

Deborah B

Development Officer & Patient Navigator

For questions regarding fundraising opportunities, please email deborah@thepinkfund.org.

The Financial Side Effects of Cancer

Financial Toxicity

130% increase in financial difficulties for patients in active treatment

Job Loss

Between 20-30% of women diagnosed with breast cancer will lose their jobs


10M will be unable to pay for rent, food & utilities because of medical bills

Impact on Savings

76% of full time workers nationwide live paycheck to paycheck

Get Real Help


If you or a family member is undergoing treatment for breast cancer and have lost all or a part of income during active treatment, learn more about how The Pink Fund can help.

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Give Real Help


We rely on the generosity of people like you. Donate online and help breast cancer patients in treatment pay their bills so they can concentrate on what is most important... healing.

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