What is The Pink Fund?

The mission of The Pink Fund is to provide short-term financial aid to breast cancer patients in active treatment.

What kind of financial aid does The Pink Fund provide?

Typically, The Pink Fund will make a direct bill payment for the maintenance of health insurance premiums and non-medical bills such as, a house or rent payment, a car or vehicle lease payment, utility payments, car insurance payments, and/or license plate tabs.

Does The Pink Fund provide any other direct financial aid?

Currently The Pink Fund’s support is limited to the maintenance of a health insurance premiums, a house or rent payment, a car or vehicle lease payment, utility payments, car insurance payments, and license plate tabs. However The Pink Fund is aware that sometimes breast cancer patients need other kinds of financial help. Each case is evaluated on an individual basis. Visit our Additional Resources page for more assistance.

How does one qualify for Pink Funds?

Visit our Pre-Qualify Here page for more information. Can you give me some examples of how the money is used? 
Charlene had used up her Federal Medical Leave Act and needed another three months to complete her treatment. While her short term disability would cover housing and transportation, it did not cover the maintenance of her health and dental insurance premiums. The Pink Fund covered those two bills until she returned to work.

How does The Pink Fund raise money?

The most effective way we raise money is through individual and corporate giving. Make your online tax deductible donation here. If your place of business has a matching grant program, please contact us for our Tax ID number or any other needed documentation.

People make gifts in honor of, to celebrate, or in remembrance of a friend or family member.

Direct giving allows us to keep administrative expenses low and return the money to the women and men who need it most.  We participate in many events throughout the year. Please check our event calendar for upcoming events.

How do I know The Pink Fund is legitimate?

The Pink Fund is a public charity and is exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

How do I contact you?

Email is the best way info@thepinkfund.org or call our toll-free phone number 877-234-PINK (7465) and someone will return your call within 48 hours.