Welcome to The Pink Fund Volunteers Corps.  Like  many non-profit organizations, The Pink Fund depends upon its volunteers to  help us accomplish our mission.

We  look forward to working with you and providing you with a volunteer experience that you find satisfying. Our ultimate goal is a win/win. We will make every effort to work within your areas of interest and strengths, and we hope to learn as much from you as you will from us.

Becoming a Pink Fund volunteer makes you an Ambassador for our organization, meaning we will expect you to be well-versed about The Pink Fund and our basic mission;  and to conduct yourself in a professional manner.

Community Service Hours
Some  of our volunteers will work with us toward achieving community service hours. We will be happy to provide you with a letter detailing the times and dates and  nature of your service.

When  you volunteer onsite at an event, in an office, or from home, we will ask you to log your hours.  Logs will be present at all events.  Be sure to ask for one and  sign in upon arrival and departure.  If for some reason a log is not available, ask another Pink Fund volunteer or  Board member to make note of your service.

Some  of our volunteers will be working in the capacity of unpaid interns. As such they may have more responsibilities,  and more accountability with the goal of providing them with real work  experience they can take into the work world.

Our  interns will receive letters documenting their service to The Pink Fund.

Frequently Asked  Questions (FAQs)
The Pink Fund is a public charity under the IRS 501C3 code whose mission is to  provide short term financial aid in the form of direct bill payments and non-medical bills for breast cancer patients in active treatment.

Where is The Pink Fund located?
Our physical offices are currently located in Michigan. However we are able to raise funds nationally and provide services across the United States. The Pink Fund is a national organization thanks to our partnership with Ford Cares, Warriors in Pink.

Who started The Pink Fund?
The Pink Fund was born from the personal experience of breast cancer SurThrivor™ Molly MacDonald in the summer of 2005 while she was in treatment.

How are funds raised?
Because our mission is so direct and the need to pay these patient’s living  expenses are immediate, we prefer to direct people to our website, where they can make a safe and secure donation.

Additionally, we currently have over 70 Pink Fund Piggybanks collecting change in various venues throughout Michigan. If you  know of a business who might like a pig for a month, please let us know.

If you know someone who might like to host a fund raiser for us, please let us know that as well.

Do you host events?
Currently, we are not an event driven organization; in other words, we do not initiate  events of our own, but prefer to have events hosted on our behalf.  The reason for this is two fold.  Events require inordinate amounts of  financial and human resources with uncertain financial outcomes.  At this point in time, our organization is focusing on our basic mission: making bill payments for patients in active  treatment.

If  an event is presented to us, we give it full consideration with respect to  timing, staffing, and financial resources. You  will see us at many events like Farmer’s Markets, Women’s Shows, special  luncheons etc.

How can I volunteer to help The Pink Fund?
Send us an email to info@thepinkfund.org and we will set up an interview to find a win/win situation for both us and you.  We believe happy volunteers make  for productive volunteers.

I love your logo, who designed it?
Our logo was designed by Graphic Artist and Stylist, Emily Ewing, and she donated the logo in the summer of 2005.

When is your next event?
While we are not an event driven organization, you can find all our events on our home page.

Are there any other organizations out there like you?
We can only speak to what The Pink Fund does. We understand there are dozens of organizations in the breast cancer  world, each performing a different service, but The Pink Fund’s mission is a direct bill payment program. We do not  advocate for legislation, research, or medically related expenses.

What is your primary purpose?
Our primary purpose is to make sure breast cancer patients have their basic cost of living expenses covered so they can focus on healing, recovering and  returning to the work place.

What about hope for a cure?
We  realize that literally hundreds of millions of dollars are allocated annually  to research.  We know from our patients’ responses that The Pink Fund program is in part “a cure for what ails them NOW.”

How do I contact you?
Email is the best way, (info@thepinkfund.org) or call our toll  free phone number, 877-234 PINK, and someone will  return your call within 48 hours.

Basic Roles and Responsibilities:
Be  available to perform Miscellaneous Tasks on a monthly basis for The Pink Fund for a minimum of 1 hour and maximum of 10 hours: If you are an “ongoing” volunteer, your hours may vary from month to month and may exceed the 10  hours.

  • Miscellaneous Tasks are defined as follows:  making or returning phone calls, (maximum of 20 calls in any given month) and participating and helping in any kind of fund-raising event that benefits The Pink Fund.
  • Note:  Personal Mileage should be logged for income tax purposes and reported at year-end at approximately $0.56 cents a mile.
  • Volunteers will be reimbursed by The Pink Fund for the following items/expenses:
    • Office supplies where used and not supplied by The Pink Fund.
    • Postage where used and not supplied by The Pink Fund.
    • Parking Expenses when working an Event
    • Miscellaneous supplies purchased for The Pink Fund or any Event sponsored by The Pink Fund
    • Your meal cost where applicable when attending a PF Event; however, PF will not cover  the difference in the price of a ticket that directly benefits PF, (for example, there is a $50 ticket fee to attend a PF dinner event, and $22 of this $50 cost covers the price of the meal; in this instance PF will reimburse the Volunteer $22, but the volunteer will be responsible for the remaining donation/cost of $28, and can subsequently write this off at year end as a donation to a non-profit.)