The Pink Fund Board of Directors

Molly MacDonald

Molly MacDonald

Founder, Executive Director & Breast Cancer SurThrivor®

“Never did I imagine a breast cancer diagnosis would lead me to see and try to help fill a niche in services for breast cancer patients and their families. What we do is truly an act of love. It is a privilege to be able to serve so many and act on behalf of our generous donors, without whom, our mission would not be possible.”

Fran Parsons

Fran Parsons

Vice President

“Being born and raised in Britain, there are many social programs in place to support people through health challenges. When I learned about the much needed support The Pink Fund provides, I was “in.” I value the mission and am proud to serve with the team.”

Gary Kadlec, Director of The Pink Fund

Gary Kadlec


President (Retired),

“I have been active with many organizations similar to The Pink Fund over the years who work to help patients in need. What sets The Pink Fund apart is truly the simplicity and directness of its Mission, to provide short-term financial aid. I believe the targeted scope of this Mission allows The Pink Fund a much larger chance of success in meeting this Mission.”

Judy Vindici, Director of The Pink Fund

Judy Vindici


Director of Philanthropy,
The Arbor Hospice Foundation

“As a breast cancer survivor, The Pink Fund resonates with me. I can relate to the fear and desperation of that financial burden. The Pink Fund is real people helping other people in a real way.”

Linda S. Ross, Director of The Pink Fund

Linda S. Ross


Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer
Trinity Health

“Too often, the trauma of being diagnosed with breast cancer is compounded by having to worry about paying bills while struggling to maintain a job and comply with treatment regimens. The Pink Fund’s mission, pure and simple, is to ease that worry by providing vital financial support to those in need. I am delighted to serve an organization that focuses so directly and practically on helping others.”

Shannon Crone, Treasurer of The Pink Fund

Shannon Crone


Advisory Executive Director,
Ernst & Young, LLP

“Breast cancer patients have so many other things to think and worry about…helping to lessen their financial burden is one way we can all help. It’s been so very rewarding to be a part of an organization that focuses solely on that mission.”

Thomas Pettit, Secretary of The Pink Fund

Thomas Pettit


Tamale Group

“Having experienced firsthand the stressful situation The Pink Fund addresses, my wife and I are painfully aware of the need for the financial assistance which The Pink Fund provides. It is an honor to be involved in the effort to give aid and extremely gratifying that this support is appreciated by so many in need.”

The Financial Side Effects of Cancer

Financial Toxicity

130% increase in financial difficulties for patients in active treatment

Job Loss

Between 20-30% of women diagnosed with breast cancer will lose their jobs


10M will be unable to pay for rent, food & utilities because of medical bills

Impact on Savings

76% of full time workers nationwide live paycheck to paycheck

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If you or a family member is undergoing treatment for breast cancer and have lost all or a part of income during active treatment, learn more about how The Pink Fund can help.

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We rely on the generosity of people like you. Donate online and help breast cancer patients in treatment pay their bills so they can concentrate on what is most important... healing.

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