PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. The following information will help determine if you meet our qualification guidelines.

The Pink Fund distributes short-term financial aid, for basic living expenses, on behalf of breast cancer patients who have lost all or a part of their income during active treatment. Payments are made directly to the patient’s creditors.

Short term is defined as a period of up to three consecutive months of non-medical financial assistance with a cap of $3,000, based on available funding. Please note our ability to provide support varies based on the number of qualified applicants and available funding. We suggest you seek out additional resources. Please see our Resources listed to the left.

Basic living expenses considered are health insurance premiums, mortgage or rent payments, car payments, car insurance, utilities and car repairs. The Pink Fund does not make payments for any medical treatments, prescription drugs (including hormone therapy), medical co-pays, insurance deductibles, prostheses, wigs, food, gasoline.

Active treatment is defined as the period after a positive diagnosis of breast cancer has been made (with a diagnostic biopsy), and during which therapies are being administered, including surgical procedures (e.g., single or bi-lateral mastectomy, lumpectomy, axillary dissection or sentinel node biopsy), chemotherapy or radiation. PLEASE NOTE: For the purposes of The Pink Fund, active treatment does not include long-term hormonal therapies (including Tamoxifen, Fareston, Armidex, Aromasin, Femara, Zoladex/Lupron, Megace, and Halotestin).

Recovery is defined as a time period determined by your physician and includes a return-to-work date.

Should an applicant qualify, The Pink Fund will make direct payments to the recipient’s creditors. No funds are directed to the recipients themselves. Expenses withdrawn automatically from a bank account will not be considered unless The Pink Fund can make the payment directly to the creditor.

Who does NOT qualify for aid from The Pink Fund?

  • You do NOT qualify if you were unemployed at the time of your diagnosis, or cannot show a reduction in your income as a result of your diagnosis.
  • You do NOT qualify if you are currently receiving monthly financial aid through the State and/or Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits (SSDI).
  • You do NOT qualify if you are retired and receiving a monthly pension check from your former employer and do not require a second job to pay for basic monthly living expenses.
  • You do NOT qualify if you are working in an unrecognized revenue producing position in which you are currently not paying federal or state taxes, or receiving cash under the table which is not reported to the government (babysitting, grass cutting, dog watching, etc.).

How Do I Apply? How does one qualify for Pink Fund support?
The first step is to answer 5 questions which will determine if you meet our guidelines. Once those questions are answered, and provided you meet our guidelines, you can download our application.